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Affiliate Program

When people travel to your event - we give you the tools to take it to the next level! 

TeamRunner Affiliate Program

TeamRunner is ready to help take your event to the next level. We will proudly give you a white-label(blank) version of our software. That means that it will be fully brand-able to match your organization or event. 

The Benefits

Customizable Marketplace

Customize your online event marketplace to deliver whatever you want. Hotels, local restaurants, parking passes, merchandise, and more. 

Data Analytics

Gain valuable data as you use TeamRunner's platform. Understand the economic impact of your event on the community. Predict trends for upcoming events and cross-sell guests. 

Customer Service

TeamRunner guarantees excellent customer service support. We work directly with all service providers and participants to manage an outstanding customer experience. 

Branded Experience 

Attendees at your event will be blown away by the ease of planning their trip to your event with our technology. Give them an incredible experience and boost visibility of your organization's brand. 

Venue Automation

Built to automate your venue. Manage RFPs, proposals and bids for large complexes all in the same place. List any events hosted at your venue in TeamRunner and access the online marketplace. 

Save Staff Time

With everything being automated, staff can now focus on what is most important - creating an incredible event experience. No more need for spreadsheets, calling hotels, or manual planning. 

Always Accessible

Real-time, 24-7 access to both you and participants. Make and manage reservations or submit bids when you have the time. 

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