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Event Experience Platform

A single platform that seamlessly connects the event holder, attendees and local businesses together like never before. 

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Cutting Edge Technology

Our platform is at the cutting edge of technology and is redefining the way events are planned and hosted.

TeamRunner in Numbers





30,000+  hotels

Event Marketplace

Connect your attendees to local businesses through a personalized event marketplace


Blocks, sub-blocks, RFPs, bids, and room management.  


Reservations. Group or individual pre-ordering and pre-payment.  


Reserve and purchase car rentals, flights etc.


List your venue, receive RFPs, send proposals and bids. 


Automate parking passes. No more cash collection.


Available anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


Pre-sell and market merchandise. 


Sell and manage GA tickets.


Understand economic impact and spending to the penny.

The Benefits

Saving Time
  • Organize all of your tasks in one place - from hotels, venue and restaurant RFPS, event Ecommerce, parking and more. 

  • Coordinate schedules, plan travel, manage venues, field space, staff and volunteers.

  • Make your life easier as an Event Host or Tournament Director - streamline the process and enhance the customer experience. 

Saving Money
  • No more need for spreadsheets, manual itineraries, sending mass emails, calling hotels or Googling restaurants. All of this can be managed in your event dashboard.

  • Pre-sell event merchandise and minimize unsold inventory.

  • Analytics and reports support resourcing and spending decisions.

New Revenue Streams
  • Connect attendees to local hotels, restaurants and services. 

  • Revenue sharing ensures you get cash back on revenue generated from your event. 

  • Understand the exact the economic impact of your event. Negotiate better sponsorship deals with the data to back it. 


For Tournaments

Also a Perfect Fit For

Why Choose TeamRunner

Customer Experience

Provide a simple and fast travel experience for your customers. Keep them coming back


No more paperwork and forms. Streamline tasks, travel, RFPs, reservations, etc..


When people travel to your event - we give you the tools to capture more travel spending.

Personalized Control 

TeamRunner's personalized dashboards, event listings and notifications create a seamless system to manage all your event and travel needs. All athletes and all sports under one log-in. 

Competitive Rates

TeamRunner establishes a connection with local hotels and restaurants. Since your event brings a lot of traffic to the area, services companies have to bid on their business through our platform, ensuring competitive rates for your customers. 

Always Accessible

Real-time, 24-7 access. Make and manage reservations or submit bids when you have the time. 


Bring transparency to group and team travel. With TeamRunner technology, hotels place bids directly depending on a group's travel needs (# of rooms, nights). Communicate directly with the hotels managers. Built-in protection policies and travel insurance so your trip will be stress free

Venue Automation

Built to automate your venue. Manage RFPs, proposals and bids for large complexes all in the same place. List any events hosted at your venue in TeamRunner and access the online marketplace. 

Gain Valuable Data

Gain valuable data as you use TeamRunner's platform. Understand the economic impact of your event on the community. Predict trends for upcoming events and cross-sell guests. 

Some of our Amazing Partners

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"Sporting events planning and hosting are very difficult to manage, time consuming and can be very expensive. TeamRunner marketplace makes the task less expensive, time saving and easy. It is a powerful tool!"


Hank Steinbrecher

Former Secretary General of US Soccer

"As a Tournament Director, I confidently recommend the service of TeamRunner as a truly one-stop solution that brings everything together. Team travel, accommodations and entertainment can now all be promoted, booked and paid for all through one system, making everything much more convenient. This was our first year with TeamRunner and we are completely satisfied. I highly recommend their service and look forward to working with TeamRunner for future events."

Roy Ashcroft

Tournament Director

Connect your Event or Venue

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