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How It Works

Online Event Marketplace


TeamRunner's smart platform creates a personalized Online Event Marketplace for your event. Hotels, tickets, transportation, merchandise and more will all be available from your website.  


Blocks, sub-blocks, RFPs, bids, and room management.  


Reservations. Group or individual pre-ordering and pre-payment.  


Reserve and purchase car rentals.


List your venue, receive RFPs, send proposals and bids. 


Automate parking passes. No more cash collection.

Data Insights

Sophisticated and intelligent data analytics about your event. 


Sell merchandise for your event months in advance.  


Sell and manage GA tickets.

Anytime. Anywhere

Our platform is available anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

​Capture revenue as guests make purchases through the Event Marketplace.



Gain valuable insights on consumer spending influenced by your events. 

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Why Choose TeamRunner

Increase Revenue

Connect your event to our Online Event Marketplace. Increase revenue and simplify planning. 

Group Travel Made Easy


TeamRunner allows groups to easily make and manage reservations. A travel-manager simply blocks how many rooms they want for their group (5, 10, 25..). Payment can be made all together or with multiple credit cards. 

Reverse Bidding Technology


Best hotels rates guaranteed! TeamRunner pre-negotiates hotel rates with nearby hotels. The travel-organizer simply inputs how many rooms and nights their group wants. Hotels have 48 hours to submit a bid to accommodate said group. Reverse bidding ensures hotels high traffic and guests the best rates possible. 

Venue Automation

Built to automate your venue. Manage RFPs, proposals and bids for large complexes all in the same place. Also list any events at your venue in TeamRunner and access the Marketplace. 

Gain Valuable Data


Gain valuable data as you use TeamRunner's platform. Understand the economic impact of your event on the community. Predict trends for upcoming events and cross-sell guests. 

"Sporting events planning and hosting are very difficult to manage, time consuming and can be very expensive. TeamRunner marketplace makes the task less expensive, time saving and easy.

It is a powerful tool!"


Hank Steinbrecher

Former Secretary General of US Soccer


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