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Event Managers

Offer the smoothest travel experience for your customers and capture more travel spending.

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Downtown Marriot - Event Discount

20 Rooms: Individual Payment (Share Link)

Parking Pass - Individual

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Hoodie - Size M - Event Pickup

Quantity: 2

Event Special - Sponsor Package

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Ways you can use TeamRunner


Quickly select which hotels to include and the rebate and discount rates. 

  • Prenegotiated rates ensure competitive rates

  • Include event discounts

  • Monitor reservations and payments


A powerful marketplace at your fingertips.

  • Presell merchandise for pickup or shipping - have better inventory control

  • Presell parking passes - no cash payments

  • Allow local business to promote deals


Create new revenue streams with additional advertising space.

  • Prime space for event sponsors

  • Local business can promote and offer specials


Real-time data insights which help you optimize revenue streams. Detailed reports on economic impact and spending.

  • Quickly select which hotels to include and the rebate and discount rates. 

Benefits of using TeamRunner

Use some of our favorite tools to take your event experience to the next level. 

One-Stop Shop

Accommodations, merchandise, restaurants, parking, and more.


TeamRunner does the heavy lifting for you - emails, proposals, reports, and much more.

Data Ownership

You now own the data - no more waiting for reports or spending hours creating them.

Advanced Support

We have a team dedicated to helping you ensure everything works smoothly. 

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One-stop Shop

Connect with your customers like no one else can. Create custom offerings and wow them with the smoothest travel experience they have seen. 

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