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There is never a fee to join our community. In minutes you will be connected to over 100,000 team managers and hundreds of events looking for venues to host their events, hotels to accommodate their participants and fans, and restaurants to feed them.

Event Manager

Manage events, RFPs, bids, and inventory here. 

Venue Manager

Manage venue(s), receive RFPs, bids and inventory here.

Hotel Manager

Manage RFPs, bids, blocks and sub-blocks, reservations, invoices and bills. 

Restaurant Manager

Groups and teams want to have a meal together. Add your restaurant to our growing list of providers to make it happen.  TeamRunner notifies you when there are events in your area so you can participate.



Add your business so you can offer event special to attract and drive our customers to your business.


Travel Organizer

Organize your tasks, trips, communicate with your team, get hotel bids, make reservations and manage your team.

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